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New Patients

Welcome to Root & Bloom Chiropractic in Clarendon Hills! Our friendly, warm and relaxing environment sets the stage for healing and health promotion.

The First Visit

When you arrive at the office a member of our team will greet you and will go over your paperwork with you. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time if you haven’t filled your paperwork out prior to your visit. This allows Dr. Lauren and Dr. Weston more time to get to know you or your child’s history in detail. Next, we’ll take you on a brief tour of our office to help familiarize you with there things are and what we do.

During this 30-minute appointment, we will do a thorough consultation and exam, and then you will be scanned using state of the art INSiGHT™ Technology. The device can be used on everyone including infants and children, pregnant women and adults.

The scan runs up your spine, and then it delivers a computerized image so we can see what’s going on. Surface Electromyography measures the minute amounts of electrical energy in the muscles along your spine. When you have a subluxation or misalignment your body will use more energy or electricity to hold those muscles and keep the alignment.

The next part of the scan is the thermal scan which will tell us the temperature difference in the spine which reveals areas of tension and inflammation in the body, and how it affects the organs in the body. When the temperatures are off, it tells us what’s going on in the autonomic nervous system.

The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scan will tell us about the resilience of the body. If you’re in a dominant sympathetic state, your body’s not going to be able to digest your food and rest well, and you will be stressed.

Before your next visit, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Weston will sit down and review the results of your scan and anything that was said during your consultation. Based on the information they will be able to know if chiropractic can help you or your child.

The Second Visit

Please allow 15-20 minutes for this follow-up appointment. We will sit down with you before beginning any treatment whether it’s for you or your child is the patient. Your chiropractor will go through your scans with you and review any questions you may have. If we determine that you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, we will review our recommendations with you and discuss the most affordable way for you to receive care. At this appointment, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment if you are committed to care.

Regular Visits

If chiropractic is a good fit for you, your regular appointments will take about five to ten minutes. You will check in, and wait for one of the adjusting tables to open up. Your chiropractor will check in with you to see how you’re doing, evaluate your spine and adjust you. You then will be good to go!

Helping You Feel Comfortable

As we go along, we will explain the process of the adjustment. We will let you know that a manual adjustment can produce a sound, which is just gas being released from the joints. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Weston are also trained in instrument-assisted adjusting that doesn’t produce any loud noises.


If you’re ready to get your health back on track, contact us today to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors!

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